General Terms of Use

1. Content of online coaching platform Distributed Campus

The online portal Distributed Campus has been developed at and is being maintained by the Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) at Freie Universität Berlin. Distributed Campus serves the purpose of preparing and supporting international students enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin via exchange programs.

Center for Digital Systems („CeDiS“ below) at Freie Universität Berlin does not assign any warranty as to the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided.

Liability claims against CeDiS, referring to damages of tangible or intangible nature, resulting in the use or disuse of information presented, respectively damages from using inaccurate or incomplete information are generally excluded as long as no premeditated fault or gross negligence can be blamed on CeDiS.

All services are subject to change and non binding. CeDiS explicitly reserves the rights to change, amend, or delete portions or the full portal or temporarily or definitely terminate publication without special notice.

2. References and links

Liability claims regarding direct or indirect linking or references to websites outside of CeDiS’ area of accountability would only come into effect in case CeDiS was aware of content and if it was technically possible and reasonable to prevent usage in case of illegal content.

CeDiS explicitly declares that at the time of the linking no illegal content was identifiable at linked website. CeDiS has no influence on current or future composition, content or authorship of linked site. Therefore hereby CeDiS explicitly disassociates herself from any and all content of linked sites that have been changed or altered post linkage. This declaration is valid for all links and references to outside entries within our internet services as well as all CeDiS initiated communication tools.

In case of illegal, inaccurate or incomplete content and damages resulting from use or disuse of such information the host of the website referred to is solely liable, the one referring to respective publication via linking is exempt from liability claims.

3. Privacy

Access logging on the web server is anonymous (viz. without personal references). CeDiS uses such anonymous data for statistical purposes only.

Information on privacy for entering personal data are provided in the following manifestation of privacy.

Manifestation of privacy

CeDiS takes the protection of your privacy very seriously, especially during internet contact. CeDiS is therefore anxious to not only provide comprehensive online services with Distributed Campus but furthermore to protect your right to informational self-determination as well as your privacy. The legal foundation is provided particularly through the Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz = BDSG), the Teleservices Data Protection Act (Teledienstedatenschutzgesetz = TDDSG) as well as the Teleservices Law (Teledienstegesetz = TDG).

Personal Data

Personal data are for example your name or your e-mail address. Please note that such data is necessary to a certain amount (see Distributed Campus registration form) for approval of registration to use Distributed Campus.

Your personal data is solely used for authorization of your user access. Your personal data will not be passed on or circulated in any form to third parties outside the Freie Universität Berlin. You may at any time ask for information about the data stored or request deletion of your information.

Upon completion of your program at Freie Universität Berlin your user account and all data attached to it will be deleted.

We reserve the right to change manifestations of privacy at any time in accordance with privacy protection guidelines.

Automatically collected information

When accessing our website, general information (meaning not through registration) is automatically collected but are not used in personal reference. By default our web servers collect:

  • the websites you have visited within our services,
  • the names of accessed files,
  • date and time of your access.

CeDiS analyzes this anonymized data to improve content and functionality of the website. CeDiS does not create personal reference user profiles. Data is not used for any other purposes nor distributed in any way.


Cookies are alphanumeric identification codes, which we transmit to your hard drive via your web browser.

Information obtained through cookies are only used to improve and adjust our services to your needs. No personal data is stored. Data is not used for any other purposes nor distributed in any way.

The help function in most web browsers’ task menus explains how to disable the browser to accept cookies, how to get cookie warnings and how to disable active cookies. Our services are fully functional without cookies as well.

4. Terms of Use - Newsletter


The online coaching platform Distributed Campus offers its users at/upon registration a newsletter subscription. Thereby CeDiS provides the opportunity to receive regular information on Distributed Campus via e-mail through the Distributed Campus main editors office, residing at CeDiS. Furthermore the decentralized editors responsible for individual groups have the opportunity to send group specific newsletters. Newsletter-services are subject to the following.

§ 1 Registration

(1) A subscription requires the registration of the visitor (see registration form) .

(2) Users are not entitled to registration. CeDiS or respectively associated departments of the Freie Universität Berlin reserve the right to deny access without stating reasons.

§ 2 Handling

(1) Subscription to the newsletters begins by sending the registration. CeDiS regularly sends out newsletters to the subscribers via e-mail, however there is no entitlement to this service.

(2) CeDiS reserves the right to halt or terminate distribution at any time without prior notice. This is particularly true in cases when appropriate service cannot be guaranteed due to technical (e.g. viruses in the computer system, manipulation, or errors of the hardware or software) or legal reasons.

§ 3 Cancellation

The subscriber may cancel newsletter subscriptions at any time. This may be accomplished by either changing the settings in the “personal data” section upon login to the user account or by sending an e-mail to with the subject „unsubscribe“. CeDiS assures that all personal data will be deleted upon receipt of the cancellation.

§ 4 Disclaimer

(1) CeDiS cannot be held accountable for damages resulting from errors, delays or disruption in the transmission, failure of technical equipment or services, inaccurate content, loss or deletion of data, viruses or matters related to the subscription of the newsletter as long as such damages were not premeditatedly or grossly negligently caused by CeDiS, her employees or agents.

§ 5 Privacy

CeDiS observes the legal guidelines of privacy, referring particularly to the general privacy terms.

§ 6 Final provision

(1) CeDiS reserves the right to change or supplement these Terms of Use at any time. Changes will be made public in a timely manner at an appropriate place. The subscriber accepts any changes as long as no disagreement is stated via e-mail within 14 days from announcement.

(2) German law is applied to above regulations and terms.

(3) Local court is Berlin.