Pfiffikus - the Germany Scholarship Planner for Hamburg

The portal „Pfiffikus“ —the Germany Scholarship Planner for Hamburg” was set up by Universität Hamburg in cooperation with Freie Universität Berlin. This online portal offers a variety of functions to help students enrolled at Universität Hamburg apply for a Germany Scholarship.

If you are an international applicant, please first register with Universität Hamburg’s International Guide. Please note that the Pfiffikus portal does not contain any information on how to apply for a degree program at Universität Hamburg—it only advises on how to apply for a Germany Scholarship! To apply for a Germany Scholarship, international students will first need to provide proof that they are enrolled at Universität Hamburg.

Pfiffikus-time line

The time line provides a systematic checklist in German and English that accompanies you through the application process. You will be guided through all relevant tasks to successfully apply for a Germany Scholarship.


Click on the “Discover” tab for useful information on the Germany Scholarship program and sponsors, everyday university life, Hamburg as a place of science, scholarship, and business, etc.